18,800,000 تومان


IPL Hair removal and skin rejuvenation, 2) IPL High Energy Outputs, high effective beauty equipment, 3) IPL Large spot size (optional) 4) IPL hair removal machine with interchange filters for diffrent treatment item. Other Specification : Light Source: Intense Pulsed Light Treatment head with semiconductor cooling temperature adjustable Integrated Skin Cooling: -4C~+10C Working time: Continue working for 3~4 hours



Output power 1200W
Handpiece IPL*1
HP spot size 12x35mm (Standard); 12x12mm, 12x25mm, 12x50mm, 15x35mm, 15x45mm, 15x50mm (Options)
IPL spectrum 420 ~ 1200 nm
Filters 420nm, 510nm, 560nm, 610nm, 640nm (Standard); 480nm, 585nm, 690nm, 755nm (Options)
Energy density 10 – 60J/cm2
Pulse sequence 1 – 15 pulses
Pulse delay 5 – 50ms
Pulse width 2 – 20ms
Operate Interface 6″ Dual Color LCD; 7″ Color Touch LCD (Options)
Cooling system Air & Water circulation cooling system
Smart IC card build-in –
Power Supply 100/110V, 50~60HZ or 230~260V, 50~60HZ
Dimension 48cm *54cm *42cmm (L*W*H)
Weight 30KGS

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