32,300,000 تومان

  • Model Number: HS 320
  • Feature: Hair Removal, Blood Vessels Removal, Face Lift, Pigment Removal, Acne Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation, Dark Circles
  • Spot size: 12*35mm standard
  • Cooling system: AIR&WATER&Contact cooling combination
  • Color: silver
  • Filter: 420/510/560/610/640~1200nm standard
  • Energy: 10~60j/cm2
  • Warranty: 12 months free labor and material but without consumables parts
  • OEM&ODM: Yes
  • weight: 58 kg


1. 16 languages for optional

2. Professional design with two handlepiece(HR and SR);

3. 7 inch color touch screen and microprocessor control;  optional 8 inch true clor TFT touch screen

4. Inner water cooling + wind exchange + semiconductor cooling system;

5. CPC connector of intsant plug and play,very easy to intall and operate;

6. High quality crystal filters which can filter unwanted and harmful spectrum;



1) Wavelength




2)Spot size:12*35mm,15*45mm

3)Cooling system: Air&water cooling circulation&treatment head with semiconductor cooling

4) IPL light Energy:10~50J/cm2

5) Pulse Duration: 2~20ms

6) Pulse Sequence:1~5 pulses

7) Delay time:5~60ms

8) Intergrated skin cooling:-4~0

9) Operation interface: 6 dual color LCD, User-friendly interface design, English and another native language selection

10) Power:1,200W

11) Working period: Continuously working for 6~8 hours

12) Prepaid light shots: Built-in IC card function

12) Power supply:100/110V,50~60HZ OR 230~260V, 50~60HZ

13) Dimension:47cm*55cm*108cm(L*W*H)

14) Weight:50kgs

15) Hand piece: 2 hand-piece.


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